GAME CARD Silver Features
  • 1 free game of your choice every month *
  • Get every game for just $6.89 *
  • Monthly fee of only $6.89
  • Cancel whenever you like
GAME CARD Gold Features
  • 15 free games of your choice *
  • Get every game for just $6.89 *
  • Only $79.99 per year
  • Cancel whenever you like
  • Safe almost $80 right now

This is how the GAME CARD works:

Our GAME CARD is the perfect deal for every fan of casual games! For just $6.89 per month or $79.99 per year you can get every game at for just $6.89 each. And you get to chose one free game from our games catalog every month with the GAME CARD Silver or 15 free games right away with the GAME CARD Gold. Sign up now and discover the endless possibilities!

The GAME CARD Silver costs $6.89 and remains active for one month. Right after activating your GAME CARD, you will receive a free game that you can redeem for any game from our games catalog, except for Collector’s Editions or Platinum Editions.

The GAME CARD Gold costs $79.99 for a whole year. After activating it you will immediately receive 15 free games. This way you can instantly save almost $80!

As long as your GAME CARD is active, you can buy every regular game from our games catalog for just $6.89 and every Collector’s Edition and Platinum Edition for $13.89! *

Of course you don't have to redeem your free games all at once. As long as your GAME CARD remains active you can redeem your free games whenever you like.

Once purchased a game will remain yours forever, even after canceling your subscription.

After a month for the GAME CARD Silver or a year for the GAME CARD Gold the activation will automatically renewed for the same amount of time and the activation fee has to be paid again. You can cancel your subscription at any time while your GAME CARD is active. If you cancel, your subscription will end automatically after the time you already paid for has passed.

If you have any more questions, please contact our Support.

* Collector’s Editions are not redeemable as free games but can be purchased for just $13.89.