The collection of FAQs will help you get answers to a lot of questions quickly and conveniently. Please refer to this list before you contact our support team directly.

We want you to have fun with our games! Please take a look at our extensive guarantees below:
We guarantee – a free trial for every game!
You can download and try out all of our games free of charge. It is entirely up to you to decide
if you want to purchase an unrestricted version of the game after you have tried it out.
We guarantee – absolutely secure Internet payment!
We have chosen our various online payment partners because they offer excellent customer service and their secure payment processes have been proven. That’s why they are our partners.
We guarantee – absolute confidentiality concerning your personal data!
All personal data we receive from you will be treated with absolute confidentiality. Please refer to
our Privacy Statement for details.
We guarantee – no viruses, no bugs!
Every game has been scanned multiple times with the latest anti virus software and does not contain any damaging components.
We guarantee – first class support!
Do you have questions or need help? Then ask us and you will receive an answer in no more than 3 business days after we have received your e-mail.
We guarantee – perfect performance!
Provided that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the respective game, it will run without any problems. In case you experience any problems our support team is happy to help.
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You can download and play every game shown on this website for a trial period of 60 minutes. We offer you this trial period in order for you to check out each game before you decide whether you would like to buy the full unrestricted version. When you have decided that you want to keep the game then you have to register it. If you register a game, you must pay a license fee (the purchase price) for the game. Right after that you will receive an activation-code allowing you to unlock the game.

The activation-code is a 10 digit number you enter into the corresponding game. The activation-code will unlock the game and all game features of the full version will be available to you. No additional download is required and no additional connection will be needed so that there will be no additional costs.

In order to start the registration process, click on the „register“ button. You can find this button both on this website in the description area of the game, and in the GAME CENTER. Here you will be asked to choose your method of payment.

The license fee (purchase price) for the game is the same for all types of payment. No additional fees apply. As soon as you receive the activation-code, you can enter it into the game and you can use all the features of the single user full version of the game!